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How To Download Videos From Youtube Now the photos we could self-host, but we were looking for a place we could stick the videos we had, and youtube was certainly not the place for that. If you can work with that, feel free to upload your stuff. Pause your video if it plays automatically. You could choose high quality if you want save HD videos. A capture task will be added. It's a bit of a shame, as it sounds like the site has a really interesting 10 year story, growing up in the world where porn went from something you downloaded to something you stream, and positioning themself as a NSFW alternative to youtube.

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If you can work with that, feel free to upload your stuff.

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To me, it seems like a prime target for acquisition by Pornhub, and I'm a bit surprised we haven't seen anything announced in that regard. Buffering video: If your net speed is slow or inconsistent, you can try to pause the video for a while before capturing it. Click 'Next' button when you finish your settings. Login to quote this blog Login Close.

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