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When I googled talking angela I cant even begin to tell you what creepy stuff came up! But sharing baseless rumors and gossip is neither constructive nor a fulfillment of anyone's parental responsibilities. Ideally, this would entail reading the documentation, downloading the app, trying it out, and familiarizing oneself with all of its features before handing it over to the kids. As such, some of her answers can be strange. This is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent human brain, with the purpose of entertaining adults. In adult mode, the app reverted to text only and was able to ask and answer simple questions on predetermined topics.

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Analia. Age: 32.
talking angela naked

She brought it to me to answer the question it asked.

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Tatiana. Age: 22.
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Remarkable, embarrassing, life-saving ways these people affect electronics. A press release emailed to me by Outfit7 spokesperson Cassie Chandler further explains how Talking Angela's "chatbot" technology works:. While the police officer was there and ang was talking to him she told the police officer saturday night her cousin and her were on the app w angela and it asked the girls their names what her brothers name was what school they BOTH went to, and it took a picture of angelica!!!

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