Inny or outty vagina

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Vaginas are a beautiful thing. They're soft, wet, warm, and inviting, and yet they come in as many models as there are cars on the road. Some even have a vagina preference.

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A lot of questions about how to have sexhow to masturbate, and worries about all of what's all going on down below can be easily solved by simply getting to know what genitals and other reproductive organs are all about. Many things some people presume are problems with some kinds of sex or genital function or appearance are just realities of anatomy they didn't know. Let's get started!

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When I started getting my period, my mom did all the embarrassing stuff moms do when their first daughter gets their period. I believe I was finally allowed to get my ears pierced, but not before my mom let everyone at Claire's know about the exciting rite of passage taking place between my legs that had brought us to their cheap jewelry store that day. Wondering what pierced ears has to do with your ability to get pregnant?

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Are you an innie or an outie? It all begins with a simple conversation for most women. And while it may seem like a relatively awkward conversation to have, you would be surprised at how many women often wonder which category they fall into and if the biological shape of their vagina actually means anything to men.

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My friend was weighing the pros and cons of his relationship. The girl was great, but the sex not so passionate. I was dangerously close to falling off my barstool.

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Innie or Outie. I was wondering if there was a correlation between innie and outie belly buttons and vagina. Re: Innie or Outie.

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The quest for a comfortable, yet practical, bike seat has presumably been going on since the second day the bicycle was invented. But how can something as enjoyable as riding a bicycle bring so much discomfort for some and yet still be disregarded or accepted as being the norm? Discomfort should not be accepted as a consequence of cycling. Imagine walking into a bike shop, preparing yourself to have a talk with your local fitter or bike shop personnel with one of the most personal topics known to cyclists…your crotch hurts on your bike seat.

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FOR most women the subject of vaginal health is still taboo But silence can breed ignorance and there are some questions you may not want to ask your friends. And does a longer labia mean you have had a lot of sexual partners as some people really do believe?

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Finding the right saddle for you is a journey, but it ends in some very happy bike rides. One of the brands that we hear readers mention time and time again is Cobb Cycling — they make a wide range of saddles and have carried out a great deal of research into the issues around saddle comfort for women. Founder John Cobb has been active in the industry sinceworking with pro teams and triathletes alongside developing products. With the information he gathered, he started modifying saddles and requested feedback — which is where it became apparent that women experiencing the most problems were those with an aggressive and racy front end set up, or riding on aero bars.


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