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He buried his face in her breasts, while he did as she wanted, licking, rubbing and sucking each breast, he bit down as he sped up up the pace and became more forceful with each thrust. Are we gonna do this, or what? Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Sandy eventually found her way to his hips, his hand rested on the back of her head as he stood on his knees, as Sandy placed wet kissed everywhere but where he wanted them most. The story's over, go home…. Sandy sat up, her palm rested in the middle of his chest, her hands began to fidget with the button on his pants, the slightest zipping down was heard, she could just see the white cloth under the zipper.

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Sandy pulled out of the kiss, she stared into his lustful eyes, she was panting, his hands still held onto her hips, she grinned before she yanked his shirt down off of him, exposing his bare toned chest, her hands ran down the soft material that he was made out of.

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Dakota. Age: 30.
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Well July, and the title, "30" basically shouts out that his is a fucking smut.. She nipped at his bottom lip, causing an intrigued moan to escape his throat soon followed by a deep chuckle. Sandy… h, huh don't… huh, don't do that. Her hand trailed down his body, feeling the soft Spongy skin, with every pore that her curious hand stumbled upon.

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