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Now identifiable, Amy blushed in embarrassment. And like I said, no clothes. Kelly was a red head with very sexy legs that she loved to show off by wearing short shorts. Still curious, she walked right on to the mysterious device, not aware of what it was. This was the single most erotic experience most of them have ever had.

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It was going to be hard, but Amy knew that somehow she had to escape Kelly and get help from one of the girls changing in the locker room, and somehow get to her mom all the way across the building.

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Amy could only think of one thing. She somehow managed to make her way down to the floor, but the news woman accidentally stepped on her, and all that was left of her was a tiny red dot on her toe. Embarrassed, she ran out of the room and headed towards the janitor closet for some napkins or something. She then placed Amy on the gigantic toilet seat.

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