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giant woman eats man
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Will, on the other hand, is still trying to figure it out. But once in while, he comes in contact with other vore-curious people. As an escape from his shyness, he said, he often roleplays as a dragon. Some of it is playful and includes cartoon ponies about to digest a human girl — an action that indicates the vore version of "going all the way. The scenario, for Will and Dean, had sexual undertones.

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Kyndall. Age: 29.
giant woman eats man

Another subject, described as the "Turkey Man," would hire dominatrixes to give him a detailed description of him being cooked alive in an oven.

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Arely. Age: 21.
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Meet the Teens Who Get Off on Being Eaten Alive

Allegedly, he was able to orgasm without ever being touched. More often than not, he says, roleplaying vore is not sexual. He spends most of his time physically alone, plugged into the online world. Some want to do the eating.

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