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girl caught touching herself
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I do think that it is a fundamentally natural and age appropriate activity. I can't even recall exactly the first time I realized what what going on, but by the time he was 3 we were able to talk about it pretty intelligently together. It lets her move her hands and derive comfort in a more appropriate way while in public. Naturally the children are interested in viewing one another using the potty and recently they have been interested in what the opposite sex has underneath pants and one or two masterbates at nap time. Additionally, just like we close the door when we do other bodily functions, we don't do these things in front of others. Could he have a yeast or other type of infection? She is now 6 and hasn't done it for quite some time.

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Giana. Age: 26.
girl caught touching herself

For some reason I intuit the two might be related.

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Carmen. Age: 32.
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Kids Masturbating

Both of my children have explored their genetalia, as have their friends and it seems to be completely normal. She could never do it in public. Since her reporting of this wetness has just been about two to three weeks, I have just responded by saying "sometimes us girls have bodily fluids coming out of different places and it's a part of life"; last night we made a joke about girls springing leaks. Your daughter could simply be having a Urinary Tract Infection.

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