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Do you think I like how they kept in that part about the ahem flicker? That turned out to be James' main function in the house. I never got to take my Mom and Dad to Vegas -- one of my favorite cities -- because they're just not Vegas people but my Dad and I would always joke that some day I would take the two of them to see Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. And when people come up to me and give their condolences so generously, they often say, "I know it's weird, because I feel like I knew your Dad even though I just saw him on TV. I asked my Mom if it was difficult for her to watch the show, and she said in her inimitable way, "Oh for Christ's sake, no Kathleen. I love watching it, because I get to see Johnny again.

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naughty miss griffin

I have a weird attraction to her -- in that I'm jealous of her because I wish I looked like her and had her body.

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[loisgriffinaddict] Naughty Mrs. Griffin: Chapter 1 [REBOOT]

The Redken gig was a run of the mill, challenging corporate gig. At that time though, I was still able to talk to my Dad on the phone, and as usual, he was just telling me to do a good job and to break a leg. So I hope you really enjoyed tonight's episode and please know that my family wants you to watch and enjoy and remember all the great funny stuff about my dad because we feel really privileged to have this record of his last few weeks, where he was really himself and sharp and having fun. And I want you guys to know that periodically I sit my mom down in front of the computer and read her all the condolences on the various message boards like this one.

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