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The appeal of this pitch has allowed organized social nudism, as a sporadic practice for some or a lifestyle for others, to endure in America for about 90 years, slowly growing until it now sustains more than nudist beaches, camps, or resorts nationwide. Even then, some groups and thinkers held that nudism ought to be used to claw back stigmas about eroticism and other natural bodily functions, including those that can be misread as erotic, baked into American culture. I asked Hoffman about reflex boners and criticisms about having to suppress a natural bodily function in naturist spaces in a follow-up email. The imperative to hide hard-ons grew all the more important in the s, as American soldiers returning from WWII where Brian notes many had used nudist lifestyle magazines for thrills in lieu of porn decided to check out their own nation's naturist camps, often on their own. As modern forum chatter will attest, the great American nudist dick debate still rages on.

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And for spaces that might not be able to take the fiscal or PR hit of a scandal, minimizing the risk of any unwanted or unfortunate erotic exchange, misread or otherwise, is just plain prudent.

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Nudist Erections and Naturist Etiquette

This seems simple and fair enough. But overall, Brian said, "organized nudism was able to survive in the United States by clinging to respectability wherever it could. Nudists typically always carry around a towel to put on bare surfaces before they sit down and keep some garments handy to deal with weather realities.

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