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She is an optional recruit like E Omega. After a second fight, Cream apologizes when she sees that Emerl is hurt, and agrees to fight. This is the Hero Mission for Cryptic Castle. Cream and Cheese from Sonic Battle. She decides to help Amy look for Sonic and Big look for Froggy. She is lovable and has a Chao floating around with her always. Cream has buff fur with orange markings around her eyes, head, and on the tip of her ears, white muzzle and light pink inner ears, chestnut brown eyes, thick, soft, white hair, large, looped ears that hang behind her head, small, brown and shiny nose and circular, fluffy tail.

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Cecelia. Age: 29.
sonic cream game

She tends to be a damsel in distress.

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Milana. Age: 23.
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Cream the Rabbit

Cream and Cheese from Sonic Battle. When Blaze first arrives in Sonic's dimension, she encounters Cream and they later become friends. Just Cream form Sonic Battle.

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