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With the vagina having been largely hidden, pornography aside, for centuries, just achieving visibility seems to have been a real challenge — and the most famous works have tended to attract virulent criticism from both men and women. Art Pop music Theatre How vaginas are finally losing their stigma. The women have no control: whatever he asks, their vaginas will reply with the truth. And so, the science communicator decided to do something about it. View image of Credit: Getty Images. In , Florence Schechter discovered that Iceland had a penis museum, but that nowhere in the world could its female equivalent be found. Pubic hairs, raging hormones, and vaginas all get personified.

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Taboos can make an image more powerful — but they can also lead to fearful depictions of the unknown, or to the erasure of a huge part of lived female experience.

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Pleasure: a pretty important function for any owner of a vagina — and yet depressingly not that often the focus of art. Sprinkle let others speak about — for? Staged in London earlier this year, the show includes a light-up clitoris headdress, and puts the joy of masturbation and orgasms onstage.

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