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In order to take Dominguez's class, they had to complete a prerequisite course that also included nudity in its syllabus. It was also included on the syllabus. MTV News went straight to the source -- the class's professor and several of his students -- to get the stripped-down sorry truth. The only way Dominguez's course could cross into criminal territory, Perlman said, would be if a minor under the age of 18 -- say, a freshman who graduated high school early -- were naked in front of their older peers. So much of performance art is done in the nude, so to restrict yourself, to restrict your canvas of art making, is to sell yourself short of what may be needed to get a point across to an audience.

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The course's official description says it uses "autobiography, dream, confession, fantasy, or other means to invent one's self in a new way.

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She claimed her daughter wasn't aware of the nudity assignment at the start of the course, and her outrage became a viral news story. All of the students we interviewed from the class say they've gained artistic experience both professionally and personally thanks to the unique curriculum. Brooke Kesinger, Lisa Korpos and Vincent Wesley Lin, all seniors in Dominguez's class, tell us they were fully aware of the course's nudity component at the beginning of the semester, if not earlier.

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