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So he sneaks to your room and the door is cracked open. Made him a one night stand instead of what he hoped would turn into a relationship. So he ran home, burst through the door, expecting you to be sitting somewhere in his sight, ready to jump him when he walked through the door. In some part of your mind, you think that riding the pillow that he lays his head on is almost like riding his face. You swear he somehow planned it.

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Tabitha. Age: 23.
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Mallory. Age: 20.
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When you climax, your whole body shakes, and you pull your fingers out, exhausted and ready to sleep again. You part your legs again and pump your fingers in and out, rub your fingers over your clit, and spread your legs farther apart so you can see Ten, his hungry eyes, the way he bites his lip and leans back in his chair. The pillow between your thighs is one that Mark sleeps on. You drop your head back and draw your knees up toward your chest and keep rubbing one out.

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