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And where you get variation, you get diversity in all sorts of ways, including how they reproduce. Though less common than protogyny, male-to-female sex changes are found in a wide variety of fish, including the Australian barramundi Lates calcarifer , gilthead seabream Sparus aurata and the black porgy Acanthopagrus schlegeli. The impacts of climate change on sex ratios are already worrying marine biologists who study other animals that depend on temperature to determine the sex of embryos. However in other species, the sex skew can be more extreme: in the Potter Angelfish, Centropyge potteri , for example, all fish start out lives as females, and all males were at one point female. In freshwater fish, it is well established that chemical pollutants — such as the pesticide atrazine, fertilizer runoff from livestock operations, ethinyl estradiol the active ingredient in the birth control pill — have all skewed the sex populations of wild populations of fish. The habit of switching sex appears to have developed during fish evolution multiple times in separate families, and though in all of them a suite of genetic and hormonal triggers come into play, the enzyme aromatase appears to be the key.

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For example, coral gobies Gobiodon and Paragobiodon live within crevices inside coral reefs, move very little during their lifetimes, and have limited opportunity to find new mating partners.

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When the dominant female dies, the largest male transforms into a female. Millions of people saw a dramatic example of this in the first episode of Blue Planet II, in which a ten-year-old female kobudai also known as an Asian sheepshead wrasse, Semicossyphus reticulatus changes into a male. The main reason for their extreme plasticity, he says, lies in the sheer number and diversity of species.

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