Mens black sock fetish

mens black sock fetish
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It is also not appropriate for men to wear no socks at all, because that defeats the purpose of the sock fetish. They spend all day sucking your life force away like a parasite, while they "claim" to keep you warm. A sock fetish occurs when an individual has a sexual attraction to socks. Mine, originated from a YouTube video, and I just want everybody know how gay I am! The fact that there is a picture here of one wearing socks, just proves that paradoxes do exist. I like faggots as much as the next guy. Sometimes merely the sight of socks is enough to turn on someone suffering from a sock fetish.

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Jordyn. Age: 30.
mens black sock fetish

A study has shown that girls who wear toe socks are the most ticklish girls of all.

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Brynlee. Age: 32.
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Sock Fetish

A recent law has been passed in Colorado which states, "anyone caught wearing black socks will be shot and killed. While he was doing this, he accidentally dropped a sock into the concoction. Because lets face it, black socks are just icky.

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