Emotional facial expressions innate or adaptive

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Adaptive hot cognition: How emotion drives information processing and cognition steers affective processing View all 21 Articles. Different theories propose that mimicry of emotional expressions facial or otherwise mechanistically underlies, or at least facilitates, these swift adaptive reactions. The majority of research has focused on facial actions as expressions of emotion.

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The research suggests that facial expressions of emotion are innate rather than a product of cultural learning. The study is the first of its kind to demonstrate that sighted and blind individuals use the same facial expressions, producing the same facial muscle movements in response to specific emotional stimuli. The study also provides new insight into how humans manage emotional displays according to social context, suggesting that the ability to regulate emotional expressions is not learned through observation.

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While conducting research on emotions and facial expressions in Papua New Guinea inpsychologist Carlos Crivelli discovered something startling. He showed Trobriand Islanders photographs of the standard Western face of fear — wide-eyed, mouth agape — and asked them to identify what they saw. Instead, they saw an indication of threat and aggression.

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Facial expressions are valuable for conveying and understanding the inner thoughts and feelings of the expressor. However, the adaptive value associated with a specific expression on a male face is different from a female face. The present review uses a functional-evolutionary analysis to elucidate the evolutionary advantage in the expression and perception of angry-male and happy-female faces over angry-female and happy-male faces.

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The importance of the face in social interaction and social intelligence is widely recognized in anthropology. Yet the adaptive functions of human facial expression remain largely unknown. An evolutionary model of human facial expression as behavioral adaptation can be constructed, given the current knowledge of the phenotypic variation, ecological contexts, and fitness consequences of facial behavior.

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This unique book provides an integrated view of human facial expressions based on contemporary knowledge about the evolution of signaling across the animal kingdom. Spanning fields that range from psychology and neurology to anthropology and linguistics, it reopens and discusses some of the classic questions in the field, including: What do facial expressions express? What are the relations between facial expressions and our motives and emotions?

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Following in the footsteps of Darwin, who first established facial expressions as a universal language, a recent study revealed that the wrinkles around a person's eyes can portray how sincere or intense their emotions are. These new findings take us a step closer toward understanding facial expressions and how they relate to our understanding of emotion. The results were published recently in the journal Emotion.

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Vygotsky and the Theories of Emotions: in search of a possible dialogue. Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador, Brasil. The purpose of this article is to articulate Vygotsky's theoretical conceptualizations on Historical-Cultural Psychology with studies on emotions.

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The study of the evolution of emotions dates back to the 19th century. Evolution and natural selection has been applied to the study of human communicationmainly by Charles Darwin in his work, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. He proposed that much like other traits found in animals, emotions also evolved and were adapted over time.


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