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Yes, it's terrible that Lip, the family's post-high-school genius, sells beer and more along with the ice cream. Still, the root here is the deep, blood bond. With the country either still in or just coming out of a recession, "Shameless" couldn't be airing at a more appropriate time. If anything, Frank Gallagher William H. Don't come back, unless it's to buy pot. The working-class housing of the Gallagher neighborhood is spot on, and the producers sweat the details, down to Lip using a homemade receiver to grab the credit card number of a man at one of the new pay-to-park boxes.

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Parker. Age: 31.
emmy rossum armpit

The show, a canny Americanization of Paul Abbott's long-running, loosely autobiographical British series, only shoots exteriors in the city, but they are used with musical precision, like the guitarist who insists on playing the right, rather than the most, notes.

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Giuliana. Age: 30.
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Showtime's 'Shameless' hits its wobbly stride

Still, the root here is the deep, blood bond. But the Gallaghers have a need, and he and his partner have a code: No armpit hair, no beer. The joke's on him, though, when her painful-to-the-partner sexual peccadillo is revealed. Season 1, last January, saw Fiona in a passionate affair with a charming car thief who might have taken her away from all of that, except that he wasn't who he said he was and she wouldn't continue the family's cycle of abandonment.

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