Spanking daughters bare bottom

spanking daughters bare bottom
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She also had to stick out her bottom in an exaggerated pose. I retained a couple of features from my Mom's method, such as counting strokes and thanking me for the tanning. The Spanking Stool was a tall wooden barstool that was called a saddle stool because it had a flat rectangular seat and squared rungs. Punishment that works without injuring anything but feelings is a good punishment. Go set up the Spanking Stool!

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Victoria. Age: 32.
spanking daughters bare bottom

But I swung it lightly, which produced a tolerable little sting and turned the flesh a very pale pink.

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Sylvia. Age: 21.
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Daughter Gets Her Bare Butt Spanked

But my girls took it in stride, didn't even cry, and were none the worse for wear when it was over. I am not sure if I would have stuck around in my wife had spanked our daughters like that. We were having dinner one weeknight, and were just finishing up. I encouraged teasing because the whole purpose of the light whipping was to shame the girl rather than hurt her physically.

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