Zatanna and nightwing kiss

zatanna and nightwing kiss
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Your review has been posted. He waited for her to speak. Memories a a young girl learning to live on her own and a not so shy boy in a mask who only cared with the sweetest intentions. She looked so small now in his arms, so fragile even though he knew she wasn't. M when Garth scared Megan causing the bowl of pudding to land on Zatanna. Nightwing glance over at the young magician and had to physically stop himself from laughing.

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Alayah. Age: 31.
zatanna and nightwing kiss

She had pulled him into a deep blissful kiss, just like their first one.

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Penny. Age: 23.
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Nightwing and Zatanna

Nightwing leads her to her old room and since they broke up he's had to hide his feelings for her. But how can we keep doing this? Days that he so desperately wished never ended… but everything good has to come to an end soon. She waved her hand in front of him with a sly grin.

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