Clopping meme

clopping meme
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Clopping is considered the pony equivalent to fapping , internet slang for masturbation. This led some fans to hypothesize that pegasi have an involuntary response to sexual stimulation, namely the flaring of wings. Especially considering that the majority of the show's cast is female, this has led to jokes about how hard the ponies' genitals would have to be to produce a sound often associated with hooves striking stone or concrete. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Usage The term is usually used in brony culture as a reaction to Rule 34 related content involving My Little Pony characters, in similar fashion to Wingboners.

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clopping meme

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My Little Brony

The first shot featuring the wingboner can be seen at Wingboners had already been used and mentioned in fan works before the episode aired, but the term wingboner didn't fully take off until after the episode aired. After the song is over, there is another shot of her, this time with her wings folded back into a closed position. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution.

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