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Tie his ankles together and attach his balls to them. Lock a padlock on his balls. Tie his balls off to something behind him so he has to tug on them to smell Your panties or kiss Your ass…stay just out of reach. Scratch him with Your finger nails. Make him earn his rewards; for example: Allow him to kiss Your ass after the dishes are done.

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Make him wear a cock ring a watch strap or cat collar works well Ways to Humiliate Him Make him wear Your panties or lingerie, dress him up as a little girl or a French maid.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Make him wear Your panties or lingerie under his regular clothes when he goes out or goes to work so that he will think of his Mistress constantly. Great list had to reblog it!! Do it so his nose presses between Your ass cheeks. Attach clothes pins or nipple clips to his nipples, balls, cock or wherever.

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