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Choppers were popularised in the Peter Fonda film Easy Rider. They are differentiated from scooters by their larger wheels and their use of footpegs instead of a floorboard. They often come with upgraded brakes and suspensions, better ground clearance, and premium surface finishes, as well as more exotic or non-traditional styling. Supermoto motorcycles were designed to compete on a single course that alternated between three genres of motorcycle racing : road racing , track racing , and motocross. This can now refer to any touring motorcycle. Underbones are small-displacement motorcycles with a step-through frame, descendants of the original Honda Super Cub. There are also informal classifications or nicknames used by manufacturers, riders, and the motorcycling media.

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Power cruiser is a name used to distinguish bikes in the cruiser class that have significantly higher levels of power.

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Retrieved November 20, Inline-four engines dominate the sport bike category, with V-twins having a significant presence, and nearly every other engine configuration appearing in small numbers at one time or another. These are rough surfaces, often created naturally, such as sand, gravel, a river, mud or snow. Wheels usually 21" front, 18" rear have knobby tires , often clamped to the rim with a rim lock.

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