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From deepthroat, to ass to mouth, from softporn to hardcore gangbangs. Was first introduced to porn by her, also famous porn star, Nacho Vidal. Wish you could visit Colombia right now? But having those jewels where we can see this beauty at 18 years old being fucked so hard, is priceless. Age is going down and here we meet Anita Toro, glorifier of dicks has been in the porn industry since and has gathered a huge number of fans ever since. She captivated eyes and balls of fans all around the world. Another sex icon, Esperanza Gomez is probably the most well known porn star in Colombia itself.

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Penelope. Age: 21.
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Thank God she keeps her gorgeous body intact.

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Helen. Age: 21.
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16. Esperanza Gomez

But just 1 year after making her first video, she suddenly quit. This may be your lucky country. She started in porn portraying as a younger girl always being fucked as hard as possible by huge muscled guys. Thank God she keeps her gorgeous body intact.

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