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Okay so we all remember the episode where Emma's first word causes Ross to have a meltdown over the prospect of his daughter becoming a scientist. But between a runaway groom, Rachel's pregnancy news and Joey's drunk co-star, there was one key moment which sadly got cut from the episode - and it involves Chandler accidentally ripping his mother-in-law's skirt off on the dancefloor. Out of nowhere, two officers grab Chandler and drag him away for questioning before Monica sets off the metal detector after racing back through it. And when we say crawl, we mean it in the loosest sense of the world. The deleted clip opens with Rachel excitedly telling Joey, who then proceeds to cut himself while he's shaving.

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In the deleted scene, the groom is pulling out some of his signature moves - i.

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But did you ever see the one where Emma crawls for the first time? To this day, Chandler and Monica's wedding remains one of the most action-packed two-part episodes of the entire series. You don't have to live in New York to understand just how hard it is to find a liveable apartment in the Big Apple - so fans could understand why Ross went to such great lengths to bag Ugly Naked Guy's flat in season five. But this deleted scene is Chandler at his absolute best - making an ill-advised bomb joke at an airport before being whisked away by armed officers.

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